IKRPG The Untouchables

Into the caves

As we caught up with the group they were discovering the fate of the lead commando group travelling with them. Our heros managed to save all but the one that had been basically harvested for parts. After searching, they found Capt. Whittington who had been wounded but had his throat torn up making him pass command down to Lt. Westriver and taking on the role of advisor through gestures and regular foot soldier.

Proceeding on, our crew came to a wall with only a small passage from it on one side. However, they noticed disturbed earth disappearing under the wall. Wotan had the brilliant idea to listen to the wall and somehow managed to detect vibrations in it that were rythmic in nature. The group decided what the heck, and had the commandos blow a hole in the wall. The resulting cave in killed them all…

No really, the guys are decent with explosions and just revealed another chamber on the other side where the sounds are eerily reminiscent of a fully functional foundry!



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