Lt Clint Westriver

Assigned to 5th company "Back Breakers" under Capt Whittington


Military Officer (Jack Marshall)


Lt. Westriver discovered his affinity for pistol magic at about 19, 3 years after he had joined the Trenchers under the legal age and started working his way up the ranks. He was in a dire position during the Laelese war, stuck out behind enemy lines with some Commandos. He wanted to make sure some of his men would make it back but there was a Devastator in the way. Praying for a miracle, he focused and managed to shoot through the eyehole. The incredibly accurate shot blew through the cortex, sending the Jack reeling around uncontrollably. The resulting overload also exploding Clint’s gun leaving a scar across his left eyebrow. His team was able to get him to safety as the brainless Jack went careening through the enemy troops and left a gap in enemy lines for them to break through. He recovered and spent a year at the Arcane tempest Academy. He requested and was reasssigned back to his old unit as an officer assigned to the Command squads.

Lt Clint Westriver

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